Why Rent a Digital Camera or Camera Lens

Why would you rent a digital camera or a digital camera lens? 

Renting a digital camera such as a Canon or Nikon camera and or a lens much a lot of sense if you are :-
1. Running a business and rather than use your capital to buy say a Canon 85mm f1.2 lens for a rare shoot then you can rent it and still do the job. Cash flow being the winner.

2. You might like to try before you buy. Say you are into landscape photography – you may wish to enjoy say a Nikon 24-70mm lens for a weekend.

3. There could be a specific event such as the Gold Coast V8’s and you would like to use a Canon 70-200mm lens.

4. You have too many photo jobs on and you have the use of another shooter but they are lacking in some gear – rent it and problem solved and you still have a profit and more to the point you gain a happy customer.

5. You would like to do some studio quality shots of the family or you need a portable Elinchrom Lighting kit to rent to help you ou

At Cameras Direct Gold Coast we have a range of camera gear to rent. The list and availability of course changes from time to time. At the moment the cameras and lenses are only available for rent as pick up and drop off from our Gold Coast store.

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