Which Nikon Camera is Best for Me?

Which Nikon Digital Camera Body Do I Buy?

Article by DavidM at Cameras Direct.

Selecting your new Nikon DSLR camera may be baffling to some specifically if you’re buying for the very first time.

Speaking as a professional photographer, it is not just a case of size. As quite a few of my friends put it,

“Geez that’s a big camera, you must get some great photographs using that?”

A couple of beneficial basic questions to ask are :-

1. How regularly are you intending to work with it?

2. In exactly what conditions do you find yourself shooting in?

3. Is camera and lens “weight balance” significant to you? That is, is it likely to become difficult for you photographing wildlife, sport etc using a heavy telephoto lens on an entry levellight weight digital camera body?

Digital slr camera models are built with durability and longevity in mine. You will find that the shutter counts (actuation’s) will increase through the range of models for example – estimates range from 50,000 through to 400,000 plus. You can always have your shutter replaced and reset to zero again nevertheless this is for your shutter life not the life of the camera.

Now not surprisingly there a host of additional tech features as you go up through the models to the pro range, a lot that even I wouldn’t bother with, so check with the experts as to what is essential for you.

I have always my pro gear packed and all set to go for commissioned work and or higher end requirements and have independently, a small light less expensive “walk-around” set up for the simple satisfaction of capturing personal photos.

For most a full frame camera is not needed, and there is certainly a fantastic range of DX (created for the APS-C crop sensor) Nikon lenses available which have had excellent reviews.

We should commence with the amateur Nikon D3000 range. Great for a beginner or student. If you don’t progress with digital photography you have not spent a fortune. The D3000 range is small, lightweight with enough features and functions to suit.

The Nikon D5000 series is the next step up and is also ideal as for eg a general family digital camera with more focus points, Wi-Fi, flip out screen (handy for video) and touchscreen display in the D5500 edition.

The Nikon D7000 series is definitely the flagship within the APS-C (crop) sensor and excellent for the more serious enthusiasts. A much better built body with additional weather sealed components for the weather and nicely well-balanced with the mid price range telephoto lenses.



The Nikon D600 range is of a similar build to the D7000 series but features a full frame (FX) sensor. It is the entry level full frame and you would be advised to use FX lenses to get the benefit of stepping up to the larger sensor.

The Nikon D800 is the next level up and regarded a professional digital camera. It is larger, more substantial and loved by wedding, portrait and landscape photographers and perfectly balanced with the pro range of Nikon lenses.

The Nikon D4 is way on top of Nikon built bodies. Suited for the professional newspaper, magazine, sports photographers for everyday use.

The Nikon D750 is a new model from Nikon in a full frame. It has similar size dimensions of the D600 series but lighter (100g) with carbon fibre in the front and alloy frame top and back.