What is a Battery Grip Used For?

Why would I buy a “Battery Grip” for my camera?

For me the best answer may sound a little sarcastic to you. The main reason I have a battery grip on my Canon 70d, is that the chiropractor bill and the pain in my neck and shoulders was not something I wished to tolerate any more. So why did I get sore shoulders? I have an interest in shooting my sons AFL games and I like to take ‘portrait’ ie straight up and down photos of him jumping up to take a mark. I had decided that I prefer the look of this type of shot rather than the ‘landscape’ orientation.

To take a photo vertically I needed to rotate the camera, that meant that my right arm was perpetually up in the air and across my head. That is fine if you only take a few shots but not me. Anyway the long and the short of it that with a battery grip, by using the additional buttons,  I am able to take a vertical shot but use the buttons, particularly the shutter button, as if I was taking a horizontal photo.

The video below goes through what exactly a battery grip is and how it will help you with your photography. Cheers!

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