Velbon Ultra Stick Super 8 Monopod Review

Velbon Ultra Stick Super 8 Monopod Review – Video Review is here for your information. You can read our transcript too if you like, its under the video.

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Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Velbon Review.
Today we’re going to have a look at the new Velbon Ultra Stick Super 8 Monopod.

Well as you can see folks this monopod starts off in an incredibly small form, maybe 30 centimeters long in its un-extended form.

It has a 1/4 inch thread, straight up under your camera and quickly twist the end knob, bang, you have a 6 section monopod which comes up to about this high here. I’m about six foot. So thats fantastic nice and easy to use.

You then knock it off by twisting and of course when you’re done untwist it lock that off and take it off the camera. Absolutely fantastic idea from Velbon.

A lot of the times you want to take him a monopod with you when you’re  taking say sports shot with a long lens or wildlife photography and you just don’t have the room to take a monopod with you.

Well I’m sure everyone of you photographers will have the room to take this monopod.

Also it allows you to then pan when your videoing as well or panning for photography.

Fantastic little device from Velbon and as I say very very small and once again when you then unlock here it then extends out.

Now you can extend it as many sections as you want by clicking that’s up. Its up to you as to how tall you are.

You could also put my head on this like a ballhead, something like a little Manfrotto ballhead or a Joby ballhead.

It has a quarter inch thread but you can buy a 1/4 inch to 3/8th adapter if your ballhead only has a 3/8th screw thread.

So basically the Velbon Ultra Stick Super 8 Monopod, we are absolutely stoked with this product.

It’s under $100. It’s fantastic.

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