Vanguard BBH-100 Ballhead Review

Vanguard BBH-100 Ballhead Review.

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Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Vanguard Ball Head Review.

Today we are having a quick look at the Vanguard BH-100 ballhead. Photographers if you are looking for a head for your monopod or tripod, the Vanguard BH-100 could be the one for you.

To give you an idea of some of the features, it is a very very solid construction – this has a 10kg weight load rating a 10 kilo white load that you can put on this, so they’ll just about handle anything you want to throw it.

It has a quick release plate system here, Arca Swiss style here where you side it on and then tension the plate up.

You have a knob here which will release the ball head and allows you to go vertical or into any position you like and then tighten. You have a knob down here which loosens and allows the ball head to spin side to side.

In fact that’s very handy particularly when you’re doing panoramas with this because it has what’s called a rapid leveling lever.

What this does is it then not so much locks the ball into a level position but just guides you in and allows you to give that exactly straight up not left not right for your panoramas.

So then you can just swing around your panoramas doing that without that ball moving.

So very nice little ball head.

It does have big brother called the BBH-200 which is exactly the same but bigger with a 20kg weight rating.

Great value and very solid.

Vanguard BBH-100 Ballhead.

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