Vanguard Alta+ 263AP + PH-32 Pan Head Review

Kick back and relax whilst you watch our Vanguard Alta+ 263AP + PH-32 Pan Head Review. We hope that you will then be better informed about the Vanguard tripods value. You can then if you wish, read the transcript of our review.

Hello Photographers, Tom from Cameras Direct with another Vanguard Tripod Review.

Today we’re looking at the Vanguard Alta+ 263 AP tripod with PH-32 Tripod Head.

If you are after a good quality tripod that you don’t want to spend huncdreds of dollars on to buy, the Vanguard Alta+ 263ap kit could be the tripod for you. It’s a very well made and featured tripod with some great functions and features.

The 263ap kit is a dual handle system so the handles go in like this which allows you to pan and tilt. The head also gives you the ability to go vertical, ideal if you’re doing portrait or a vertical landscaper shot. You have several spirit levels here on the actual tripod which is fantastic for architectural landscape photographers. There is also a nice large quick release plate which screws onto the bottom of your camera.

The tripod and head kit also comes with a lovely Vanguard bag. The bag make is easy to carry with you when you’re going on your photographic expeditions.

It can be adjusted higher (as you can see in the video) and very smartly they also put a hook underneath the center pole so that you can weight the tripod it down when doing long exposures.

The tripod legs also have the great feature where you press down this button they the legs open up so you can shot at very low angles. You can in reverse the center pole to get it down very low for example macro photos.

This also has a quick panorama function as well accessible by a know on the side of the actual tripod. So if you’re in to doing panoramas where you want to stitch photos together, this tripod makes it a little bit easier.

So folks, great value, very light-weight and strong with some great features.

Vanguard Alta+ 263AP + PH-32 Pan Head

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