Timaru to Christchurch Via Mt Hutt South Island New Zealand

Timaru to Christchurch Via Mt Hutt South Island New Zealand

My last full day in New Zealand. I was determined to not let it be just “get back to Christchurch” and be done with it, kinda day.

After a short detour leaving Timaru (I got lost for a bit), I turned onto Route 72, the Inland Scenic option, at Winchester. I am certainly pleased that I had.

A short time later I was in Geraldine and stopped for a coffee. The entry to the town is fairly unimpressive coming from the south as all the action is on the north side. The river is worth a look and a short walk to get the legs moving.

I was conscious that I had to have the car back by 4pm so I drove on bound for Mt Somers. Those of you who have read my others blogs know that I love a detour and the sign saying Peel Forest was to be no exception. This short drive will allow you to go rafting if time permits but without that exertion the pastures are as usual gorgeous. I have never seen the density of sheep / cattle / deer etc in paddocks. Clearly the volume of rain and rich fertile volcanic soils are a farmers dream.

Passing through Mt Somers, there is a sign to Methven, which to the skiers is the gateway to Mt Hutt (also known as Mt Shut due to frequent bad weather) so I was going to bring back memories. Stopping at a cafe for a bit to eat, I was greeted warmly with big happy smiles (isn’t that a treat) and settled in for a Kiwi Burger n Chips.

Back at Windwhistle I turn right and head for Christchurch via Darfield. It’s a cruisy easy drive with plenty of scenery to keep you calm.

Timaru to Mt Hutt New Zealand

Timaru to Mt Hutt New Zealand

Returning the car to Discount Car Rentals, I thank the guy taking me to the Sudima Hotel (just 500 metres from the Airport) for his beautiful country. He tells me that I have probably seen more of it than he has then tells me he hasn’t ventured out of Christchurch. Ever.

3160 kilometres behind the wheel. 150 kilometres by foot. Hundreds of photos and zillions of memories. Travelling. What is not to like.

Thanks for following along as I trip around NZ. I hope that it has been motivating and/or helpful, even if this page in particular is an anti-climax. So what are you to do now? GET OUT AND TAKE SOME PHOTOS.

I shall miss you New Zealand. Thanks to everyone that made my trip so warm and welcoming. New Zealand, WINNER!

Next trip? Sri Lanka.


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