Things to do with the kids on School Holidays part 2

Photographing your Children –  Part two – Indoors


As promised here is part 2 of our series of things to do with kids this school holidays.

Even though I am a professional photographer I still encourage people to enjoy taking shots of their own family especially when you have the time during school holidays as mentioned in part one. Just like the plumber’s house with the leaking tap I wish I had of taken more quality photos of my children growing up.



Cameras have become affordable and there is a good quality DSLR camera and lenses to suit any budget and unlike spending money on film and processing, you have the ability to delete the images that you do not want. You achieve pleasing shots when taking photos indoors just by using the available light by the window with either increasing the ISO level on your DSLR camera set higher or using a lens with an aperture suitable for lowlight.  My favourite portrait lens is a 85mm Prime (non zoom) however depending on your budget you could start with for example the Canon 50mm f1.8 Prime lens that is not expensive,  great value and very popular with students wanting a portrait or low light lens that gives you an understanding in depth of field (depth of sharpness).

Be careful when choosing a low aperture as there is very little depth of field when that diaphragm is wide open and if you or your subject move only slightly the image will be out of focus. Having said that, a shallow depth of field is very flattering, with the eyes sharp, and the rest of the face slightly out of focus with the background completely soft. Experiment to find your ideal aperture you can work with.

When working with a one available natural light source from a window, lamp or flash to the side you may need a reflector of some kind to fill in the shadows on the other side of the face and or body. Or you can keep the shadows very dark depending on the effect you want. Reflectors are cheap and come in various sizes to use to fill shadows in just tight portraits or full length shots.

Prime Lenses – Then choose by brand on the left side. 

This is part one of the Things to Do With the Kids on School Holidays