Successful Panning With a Canon 80d

July 29th 2018. Successful Panning With a Canon 80d and why you would pan. 

“What is panning?”, is probably the first question to answer. Panning is moving you camera for example, say from right to left, to track the movement of something, in this case a car, taking a photo mid pan and continuing to move the camera after the photo has been taken.

Now why would you do that? Well the point of the exercise was to demonstrate an understanding of Shutter Speed control (TV on the Canon 80d shooting mode) to submitt to the TAFE course that I have been writing about. The point of moving the camera assists in getting the subject, the car, in focus, whilst at the same time getting the background blurred so as to show motion. To use a fast Shutter Speed of say 1/2000 would have taken the shot but it would have killed all movement / emotion of the shot.

This by the way is not easy to do as you have to have a slowish shutter speed (1/60 in this case) to get the blurred background and to also have enough shutter to be able to stop the car moving. Normally 1/60 would not be fast enough to stop a car doing 60k but when you add camera moving as you pan, the 1/60 becomes effectively faster.

The car is moving but the trees etc in the background are not. Hey presto a cool looking image.


This is just one of the many attempts by Janelle today. She isn’t really happy with the shot as it is not particularly sharp so we talked about other settings that may have helped.

One thing quickly touched on was the focus point/s. Looking at the shot, the roof of the car is possibly a little lower than than default middle focus point. She isn’t sure what was selected. I suggested that maybe a focus point mid side of the car, MAY have produced a better result. (What did they do in days of manual focus. Geez).

The second and probably more useful setting would be to have changed the focus mode from “one shot” to AI focus. I won’t babble on about this but will rely upon the following video to explain the options.

I had asked Janelle if she had read the manual. She commented something about well, stuff I probably shouldn’t saying here as I am highly PC. (bahahahahhahahaa not)

Anyone, she will be going out again soon to practice some more. If you are yet to try panning, give it a go, it is addictive.

Ohhh and Cameras Direct is FINALLY on Instagram. 



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