Rode VideoMic Pro Review

The Rode VideoMic Pro (mono) is their top of the line mono DSLR microphones.

If you are a DSLR owner and you want a great on camera video mic to give you a lot better sound that the audio you get from the microphone that is in your DSLR, the VideoMic Pro could be for you.

Its a mono directional mic so that means its designed for picking up sound that is in front of you.

So obvious for interviews or people talking in front of you.

It has its own 9v battery so it runs off its own power which means that its not using the power of the camera. It also comes with a wind shield that goes over the microphone to help cut down wind noise.

You can buy the Rode Deadcat wind shield which is better again at cutting down noise in windy conditions.

The wind shields are available for all the Rode mics.

One of the great features is that they now come with a Ryco mount which is a shock proof mount so you don’t get an movement noise.

It gives you a boost level which over powers the pre amp of the camera so again thats a very nice features which is not included in the VideoMic, the model below it doesn’t have.

It also gives you a filter which also you to filter out the low frequency noise that get from air conditioners and traffic so that is a very handy feature as well.

Overall, compact size, great price, runs off its own battery. For all your videographers out there if your DSLR can take a mic like this which mounts on your hot shoe with a 3.5mm video jack, this is the microphone unit for you.

Rode VideoMic Pro – The best mono Rode microphone for DSLR cameras

All microphones are warranted for one year from date of purchase. You can extend that to a full ten years if you register online at


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