Rode VideoMic Go Review

Rode VideoMic Go Review. One of the cheapest “VideoMic’s” from Rode.

The video of the review follows and later there is the transcript should you wish to read or use the review.

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Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Rode Microphone Review.

Today we are going to introduce the Rode VideoMic Go Microphone. Rode is an Australian company that makes microphones.

This particular one is designed for digital slr’s and is their entry level economy model which is perfect for the beginner videographer who wants better audio sound than they would get from the inbuilt microphone on their DSLR camera.

The VideoMic Go is extremely simple to use.
As long as your DSLR has a 3.5mm mic input on your camera you can use the VideoMic Go.

It has a hot shoe mount so it will clip onto your hot shoe (where the flash would go) and basically the little cord plugs into the mic input of your camera and away you go.

The microphone comes with a wind sock to help reduce any noise from wind. You can also buy a better wind shield called a “DeadCat Go” for the VideoMic Go that is the best wind shield option.

Again, it is very simple. It has a rycote mount which means anti-shock so if the mic does move slightly you don’t get any movement noise on your recording.

The VideoMic Go gets its power from the camera so there is no battery involved is assembling this microphone. We do recommend that you have a spare battery for your camera because the microphone will put a drain on your camera battery.

So for the beginner videographer, the Rode VideoMic Go with its very cheap price – easy to use and good quality sound.

Rode VideoMic Go.

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