Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro Review

Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro Review. Pick between the Video Review or the transcript of the text that follows the Video.

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Hello Videographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Rode Microphone Review.
Today we’re going to have a quick look at the “Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro”.

Folks when you are videoing with a digital SLR and you are using the mic in the camera, you’ve probably noticed even though it’s a stereo mic, the sound is not that fantastic. The DSLR mic’s are not really something that’s gonna give you high quality sound at all and that’s where a Stereo Videomic Pro from Rode would be a great addition to your videos.

Let’s face it, the audio is probably the most important part of a video. Most people notice when audio is bad so it’s very important to get good sound and this is a very nice little mic. Simply click onto the hot shoe of your camera if you gonna use it with a DSLR and has a 3.5mm video jack into your camera. As long as your DSLR has one of those you can use it. Now being a stereo mic it is not a directional mic which sort of picks up sound directly in front.

A stereo mic using left and right channels picks up a wide band of sound. So a stereo mic it’s very good for recording ambient noise.

If you were videoing a band or if you want to pick up sort of things are happening all around then a stereo mic is the right choice.

The Stereo VideoMic Pro comes with its own windsock but you can buy furry’s for the stereo videomic pro. If you’re videoing outside that is an absolute must.

So easy to use windsock included you can buy your deadcats from Rode as well and great price.

Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro

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