Rode NTG2 Directional Microphone Review

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Hello Videographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Rode Microphone Review.

Today we’re going to have a look at the Rode NTG2 dual powered directional condenser microphone.

Folks you’ve probably seen when people are shooting videos, a sound guy with a boom pole with a microphone pointing at the subject. These are what they’re using.

A NTG 2 is a dual powered condenser microphone, directional for interviews. Basically you put this on the end of a boom pole and you point that end at  where you want to record the sound so obviously pointed at your subject.

Now you can use it from coming above or you can also shoot from below if you can’t come from above but either way you want that pointing out your subject.

The directional microphone basically will nullify sound coming from the side and being directional as I say it only picks up my mainly what’s in front. So this is the stuff you see as I say with the sound guys with a boom poles is the type of mic that they are using.

Now this is a dual powered one. So it has phantom power or you can use double AA’s in this so it has its own power  source -which means it can also go straight in to a digital SLR if you want as well or can go into I sound recording device.

The NTG2 comes with a windsock and of course very importantly we would recommend that you use these furies or dead wombats dead cats, they have various different names for different ones. What the wind shields do is cut outthat wind noise and that is so essential when videoing outside. The NTG2 is a professional quality mic from Rode. If you register these online
as well you will get their famous TEN year warranty so don’t forget to do that.

Folks if you’re seriously into video and what the best sound when you’re doing interviews then the Rode NTG2 Microphone is the mic for you.

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