Rode Micro Boompole Review

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Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct.

Today we are going to introduce to you the Rode Micro Boompole Pro – Carbon Fibre.

This is a 2.2 metre boompole from Rode in Carbon Fibre. Carbon fibre is a light weight strong material that will help take the stress and weight out of holding the boompole out over a subject – a sound techs job and a lot less stress on the arms shoulders and neck.

Rode has taken the initiative to make a light weight boompole. You no longer have to be muscle bound.

A very reasonably priced product also – carbon fibre you often think is expensive but this is very well priced.

There are 3 sections in this boompole so it compacts down quite small in length. There are foam pads to make the holding more comfortable for the sound tech to hold and again you have the 3/8 inch thread so that you can attach your microphone.

Look its light and its easy to use and very strong .. the price is also very good.

The Rode Micro Boompole (Carbon Fibre)

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