$150 up for grabs. Post & Share Queens Birthday Long Weekend

A great opportunity to take post and share photos.

All but for WA is going to celebrate the Queens Birthday this coming 8th June 2015. Some of us will be working but for the major it is a day to enjoy with family and friends in the Aussie way, whatever that may be for you.

I thought we could have a post and share of our photos either from this weekend or otherwise.

So come on take a pic and share it of put up another of your faves.

There is $150 in Cameras Direct Gift Vouchers to be picked up. We will make a decision at about 3pm on Tuesday 9th June. Prize for the most popular will pick up a share of $100 (1 winner gets $100, a shared winner will pick up a share) and for 2nd position, they will share in $50.

Judges decision is final however we will no doubt be swayed by the pics popularity. We will notify you via facebook.

Krakow Poland. Old Town

Krakow Poland. Old Town


To get things started, here is a pic I got lucky with whilst backpacking around East Europe late 2014.

This is the Old Town Krakow Poland. Breath-taking is an understatement.









Here is a link to our facebook page. www.facebook.com/www.CamerasDirect.com.au

Hope to enjoy your shots.