Nikon SB-700 Speedlight Flash Review


The following is the transcript of our Nikon AF SB-700 Speedlight Flash Review. 
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with a Nikon AF SB-700 Speedlight Flash Review.

Today we’re going to have a quick look at the Nikon SB-700 Speedlight Flash. This is the second from the top Nikon flash that Nikon have for their digital SLR range.

The SB-700 can be used on any digital SLR from Nikon from your DF to D3000 cropped sensor DSLR’s right up to you D4s.

So what are the features of this little fella?
Being the second top-of-the-range doesn’t mean it lacks any of the features that the big SB-910 does. The SB-700 is basically very similar to the SB 910, except about one-stop less power. But it still packs quite a punch.

Of course it has your standard bounce and swivel ability of the flash, you can bounce light off the ceiling, bounce off walls, to get more professional quality lighting. It also can be controlled by the built-in flash on higher-end Nikon DSLR’s like the D7200 the full frame D610 D750 D810 and so on.

They will actually be able to trigger this flash optically and still control the output through the camera. It’s called the commander system and this, you can set up for that as well.

So what comes with the SB-700?
Well you get a built in the diffuser panel and you get a bounce card. What’s the bounce card for?
When you are bouncing flash with the light coming from above, you tend to get dark raccoon eyes, as they call it in the industry.

This little section here will project some of the light forward to give you a catch light in their eyes and fill those shadows in the eyes and under the chin and onto the nose, just a little bit, to give you a more flattering lighting.

The bounce card is built into the SB-700 flash head. You also get some filters which will clip over the front of the flash head. You get a fluorescent filter and you get an incandescent filter as well. And also a clip on diffuser as well, which will give you a softer light.

So if you look at the back at the flash here, you’ll see that you’ve got a nice big LCD panel and that’s where you control the modes and functions. Mainly you would put it into the ittl mode or BL TTL mode and it will give you full and easy flash photography.

Nikon flash system is second to none it is amazing. Its matrix metering control the flash output brilliantly and you’ll have very very little moments where you will have to adjust anything…but if you do you can control the flash through flash exposure compensation.

Other features include –
FP flash which means focal plane flash, for high-speed sync. You can sync the flash to the higher shutter speeds on your camera with this SB-700 flash as well. You have rear curtain flash, you have stroboscopic flash you have all sorts of features that you can use or of course just use it as straight on, for better quality flash.

It even comes with a small stand, so if you are using this off-camera you can just pop it on there, it even has a tripod thread underneath the stand so you can screw the flash onto a tripod or a light stand.

An extremely good value flash, very powerful, wonderful features.

Nikon SB-700 Speedlight Flash.
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