Nikon D810 DSLR Camera Body Review

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Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Nikon DSLR Camera Body Review.
I’m in the warehouse here at Cameras Direct where you can see we have the marvelous Nikon D810 DSLR Camera Body.

The D810 is the flagship for full frame DSLR. The D810 is one down from the legendary D4s S which is a 16-megapixel sports journalists or professional camera … BUT the D810 is a 36 megapixel monster.

The D810 leads the way in terms of image resolution, dynamic range and ISO performance. The D810 is the type of DSLR camera that if you’re a professional photographer and you want the very best, this is what you buy from Nikon. Particularly for landscape photographers or product photographers ..

The dynamic range and the amazing resolution you get from this camera really sets it apart from the field.

Let’s have a look at some of the functions and features this camera. 
The build quality is typical Nikon, alloy magnesium chassis, metal body all the  bells and whistles in terms of your weather sealing and protection against dust and so on.

The D810 camera does have a built-in flash which let’s face it we’re not gonna be using that for taking serious photos but it does use the commander system which will trigger other Speedlights wirelessly, with the flash.

Its good to have that pop up flash instead of they’re having to use it a separate trigger which you might have to buy. Remember it’s only an optical trigger so it’s only within line of sight but still extremely handy to have.

The D810 has an amazing viewfinder which is super bright. Looking through here you’ll never look through another viewfinder in today’s range with the same clarity and brightness as the D810 offers.

The D810 is quite big course but look it’s a professional camera.

On the top dial you have all your standard modes that are familiar with these pro type cameras from Nikon. You have your continuous shooting dials and drive modes here which you adjust here. You’ve got your quality, white balance, ISO, and metering modes you can adjust here.

On and Off switch here and the usual instrumentation buttons and menus and your magnifying buttons for when you’re viewing your photos as well.

Also all the Function buttons and you can also assign them different functions.

One thing with the D810 and the professional cameras, they do have a blind here so you can use to block the viewfinder at the back and it’s great when your eyes not up to the viewfinder and you are doing long exposures. This will stop extraneous light coming through and you know affecting the D810’s auto-focus system on this is basically straight out of your D4s.

51 point auto focus system. The D810 shoots at about five frames a second which is up by one frame per second from the D800.

It’s a great auto-focus system. It will track any moving subjects that you want so you could use it for the sport although as I say the D4s is probably the camera to go for when it comes to sport.

The D810 is all about the resolution particularly. This camera has no optical low-pass filter and that means even sharper again.

If you want the the very best image quality and dynamic range available from a full-frame digital SLR then in 2015, the winner is the …
Nikon D810 DSLR Camera Body.

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