Nikon D7200 DSLR Camera Body Review

Following text is our rough transcript of our Nikon D7200 DSLR Camera Video Review.

Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Nikon DSLR Camera Review.
Today we’re gonna have a quick look at the Nikon D7200 DSLR Camera.

The Nikon D7200 is Nikon’s flagship crop sensor DSLR.
Some of the headline features that this camera sports is :-
firstly 24 megapixel sensor so you get high-resolution images.

Second is the six frames per second motor drive which can also go up to seven frames when you put it into the Nikon new crop mode. What that means is you go to the crop mode, it up the frame rate and means that your focal length, instead of adding a 1.5 crop factor you add a two times factor. Yes it does reduce the pixels of your image (I think the down to 15mp) but it gives you say a 70-300 lens would then become a 140-600mm lens at seven frames per second.

Thirdly – The auto-focus system in this is the fifty one point auto-focus system which is renowned for its 3d tracking . So that means that if you look onto a subject, its ability to hold that subject around the auto-focus array, whilst shooting and using color information from that subject is fantastic. Probably the best in the business doing that.

So this is certainly for the sports photographers the wildlife photographers – this is a huge plus.

Other features this d7200 has – with a lot of the Nikon cameras now, they have removed the optical low-pass filter so basically all that means is extra sharp images and boy oh boy are they sharp.
Couple this with it’s amazing dynamic range which Nikon sensors, well actually the Sony sensor, that Nikon is reknowned for.

What other features do we have?
We do have all your auto scenes there still on this camera as well even though it’s a more serious digital SLR.

Nikon have maintained some special affects, the scene mode and a straight green Auto Mode. So if you just wanna pick it up point-and-shoot, snapshot, holiday, social photography, you still get that. Couple that with all the full manual, aperture priority, shutter priority and program mode.

It also has the two Use 1 and User 2 modes, which i find fantastic. Also on some other Nikon  cameras which is brilliant because you can then set the camera up and copy those settings to one of these modes so it is instantly accessible, for a particular type of photography.

Look the D7200 is extremely well made.
It has full HD video functionality with the live view.
You can buy a dedicated flash for these cameras although they do have a built-in flash and Nikon’s
commander system where this flash will trigger other Nikon flash’s wirelessly is a fantastic feature and very easy to set up.

For the portrait photographer the wedding photographer and so on.

A great camera from Nikon. It comes highly recommended.
The D7200 is aimed at the serious amateur photographer but look honestly even as a second body
to a full frame or the sports photographer the wedding photographer the landscape photographer, the sensor,the auto-focus system, everything about this makes it basically usable for all types of photography.

Nikon D7200 DSLR Camera Body
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