Nikon d5500 Camera Review

DavidM shares his thoughts on the Nikon d5500 SLR 

The Nikon D5500 is the latest in the popular D5000 series. It now has touch screen that flips out that is most handy for video. It is the only Nikon camera at the moment that has touch screen and a couple of taps rather than different buttons may be easier and quicker for you. The 24mp camera now has built in Wi-Fi which is great if needed for eg a quick up load for social media Instagram, Facebook and or email purposes.



The build and size is light and compact, not being as robust and weather sealed for everyday use, however I like the feel and for a walkaround and general camera for the family, student and enthusiast it ticks a lot of boxes.

You can combine this camera with a great range of DX lenses to choose from depending on your needs for eg how much zoom you need, what you would like to specialise in or one simply general lens to shoot just about everything.

The Nikon D5500 is packed full of features such as many scene and exposure mode settings that feature in the more expensive models and of course full manual selection.

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