Nikon d5300 Video Review

Whats is there to like about the Nikon d5300?

The d5300 is a perfect camera for photographing the family whether it is the kids playing sport, family holidays or social gatherings. Its many Auto and Scene modes make photography very simple or if you feel a little more creative switch over to the Creative modes and take control of the cameras advanced functions. Which ever way you go the D5300 can handle most situations with ease and can even double as video camera with full hd video and a fully articulated screen to make videoing a breeze.

We found this video that covers what they call the Fun Features of the Nikon d5200 & D5300.
Its not technical and frankly we see features of these two cameras that we weren’t exactly familiar with.

Nikon Aust website has all the Nikon d5300 specs

The google search should have Nikon d5300 lens kits

As always DpReview has a really indepth review of the D5300