Nikon d3300 v Canon 1200d and the winner is ?

The Canon 1200D versus the Nikon D3300.


So you are looking to buy your first DSLR?  


You may be sick and tired of the ordinary quality photos that your point and shoot camera or your phone give you, especially when you try to enlarge them to make a nice print for your wall. Or you may just be over missing shots because your current camera is to slow.  


Whatever the reason a DSLR will provide you with a camera that can produce high quality images that can be enlarged to huge sizes without losing to much quality and give you the speed to photograph moving subjects quickly and easily.   


The main question is which one?

Canons 1200D and Nikons D3300 are the two entry level DSLRs that you will have to choose from. So which one is best for you? Well if you look purely at the spec sheets the Nikon seems to have the edge with a higher megapixel rating (24MP versus 18MP) more AF points (11 versus 9) a faster motordrive (5 FPS versus 3 FPS) and a beginners Guide mode just to mention a few.


The Canon does however have a better Live View system and its Phase Detection Auto Focus system seems to be a little faster at acquiring focus.
The Nikon is also smaller and lighter than the Canon which is fine for small hands and is why it is so popular for students and women.
So why would you buy the Canon? Well if someone in your family shoots Canon you may decide to buy Canon so you can use their lenses or you may just like the feel of the Canon better than the Nikon.
For me though, the Nikon is a clear winner of the entry point shootout.


Editor: Good call Tom.