Nikon Coolpix P1000 Introduction

Holy Moly have you seen the zoom on this thing? 3000mm, that’s a telescope! Nikon reckons it has a 5 stop stabiliser inside but wow, no, I still think a tripod, even a Joby Gorillapod 1k kit will be needed to get the sharpest photos out at 3000mm.
I am sure that you have seen a pile of video reviews but let me summarise the differences between the new P1000 over it’s Mum & Dad, the P900.

The P1000 like the P900 has a CMOS sensor equal to 16mp, the focal range has gone from 24-2000mm (in 35mm terms, which let’s face it is mega enough) to 24-3000mm (do you just say telescope?. The fstop is the only downer with closes up to f8 at 3000mm but so what, given that you couldn’t possibly handhold this beast at 3000mm anyway and a tripod would surely be a must. Having said that, Nikon reckons that their inbuilt stabiliser is good for 5, yes FIVE stops of stabilisation.

Both the P900 & P1000 will shoot at up to 7fps both have a 1/4000 fastest shutter (more than enough) and the P1000 is now 30fps ultra high def /4k. it is fair to say that not much else has change. Stand back as the masses rush forward to buy this mega zoom compact ? camera.

Take a look at the following video to see just how MUCH 3000mm zoom is. WOW.

Now here is the Nikon introduction. They even say that shooting at 3000mm handheld is “theoretical” even with their 5 stops of stabilisation. They have a few tips on how to do just that.

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