Nikon Announces New Lenses 600mm 500mm 16-80mm

Nikon announces new lenses.
There is to be a new 600mm f4E to be in the region of A$18000. A new 500mm f4E to be in the region of A$16000. A new 16-80mm f2.8-4E to be sold in the region of A$1600.

I am presuming to speak for the masses but I don’t think we will be inundated with orders for the first two. Not in the first week anyway. The big deal the first two is the inclusion of FL or fluorite elements that will reportedly drop the overall weight of the lens by 1kg or so.



The New Nikon 16-80mm f2.8-f4 will be an interesting proposition. Relatively fast at f2.8-f4 and light weight, could make for an alternative walk around lens. We shall wait to see what the likes of DP-Review and co have to say after they get their hands on them.

Standby Nikon shooters.