Nikon 55-300mm VR Lens Review

Thanks for taking the time to come to watch our Nikon AF-S DX 55-300mm F/4.5-5.6 VR Lens Review. The transcript is also under the video if you would prefer to read the review instead. Thanks again. We hope that you get something useful from our Video Review of Nikons newest kit lens.

Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Nikon Lens Review.

Today we are going to have a look at the Nikon AF-S DX 55-300mm F/4.5-5.6 VR Lens.

So to start off with folks this is a Nikon DX lens. Now “DX” stands for Nikon crop sensor camera. So it is designed for your Nikon D3000 series, D5000 series, D7000 series cameras which are all crop sensor cameras. So basically when you add the crop factor to give you a 35mm camera equivalent this is going to give you a about 90mm to 450mm lens, so huge zoom range.

Too start with, as I say, great zoom range. Designed for bringing your subject closer. If you have a little 18-55mm lens, which is the standard lens you might have bought with your camera and you need more reach, you want to photograph the kids playing sport, you want to photograph the birds in the trees, you want to go and photograph sporting events, then you’re going to need a longer zoom. This is called a “telephoto zoom” and it start from 55 up to 300. This is great for bringing subjects close-up and compressing perspective as well which is very handy when you taking photos and portraits.

The compression gives a “thinning” sort of an effect when you’re taking pictures of people, particularly when you’re around that 70 to 100 mark – which is ideal for portraits.

So quality wise, it’s not an expensive lens and it is classed as a kit lens but surprisingly it does give good results.

The 55-300 lens comes with VR which is “vibration reduction” from Nikon.VR means that there is a bank of optics in there on a little gyroscope, which as you move it moves with you and helps prevent camera shake.

That’s particularly handy with long lenses like this when you’re shooting in low-light where your shutter speed may not be as high as you would like and its prevent you from using a monopod or a tripod a lot of the time.

The 55-300 has a metal mount and a filter size of 58mm.

The Manual Focus ring here is at the end. Switch that on and off with your AF On switch there and that locks it in when you’re “A”. Again great lens.

Comes with a little case and lens hood perfect for all the photographers out there with the small 18-55 or even an 18-140 and you want a cheaper option with a big telephoto zoom range, this is it.

Nikon 55-300mm VR Lens
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