Nikon 18-300mm Lens Review

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Hello Photographers Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Nikon Lens Review.
Once again we are doing the lens review in the warehouse of Cameras Direct on the Gold Coast where all our orders come in for everybody that orders from around Australia and go out again.

Today we’re gonna have a quick look at the Nikon 18-300mm AF-s DX f/3.6-6.3 VR lens.
So firstly this is a DX lens that means it is designed for cropped sensor DSLR’s from Nikon. So it is for your d7200 d5500 d5300 d3300 series and so on.

Whilst this lens is designed for cropped sensor cameras, it can go on a full frame camera but again it is designed for the DX range.

The 18-300mm is a massive range. This is an ideal travel lens.
So it basically start you off at wide-angle 18mm and then takes you all the way up to 300mm.

Now in the old film days of 35mm…. that is equal to 28mm to 450mm which is astonishing you’ll be able to photograph a lovely sunrise sunset panorama landscape whatever or zoom in to a bird in a tree, sport, unbelievable focal range.

Now the aperture is the interesting one here there is a version of this called 3.5-5.6 (now discontinued) it is larger heavier and a bit more expensive.

So Nikon in their wisdom thought mmm these are designed for travel so let’s make it a bit smaller. they did that by making an F 3.5-6.3.

That means the lens is smaller and lighter and more convenient for travel. In fact the 18-300 is not much bigger than the 18-200mm lens.

What is the disadvantage of this? Look at the long end of this zoom, it’s not going to be quite as fast as its bigger more expensive brother in the focus department. We’re not talking about seconds here though we’re talking about fractions of a second. So for a small trade off in focus speed you get the convenience of size and for travel photographer that is everything.

So look it is a VR lens of course so the lens gives you a optical stabilizer built-in to help steady those shots, which is particularly handy when using the long end of the zoom.

It is also enabled with a lock which you can lock this so that the lens does not fall out as you walking along.
That’s a great feature as well. The filter size for the 18-300mm is a 67mm thread and we do encourage you to
purchase a UV or Protector filter to protect that very big glass.

So for all you travel photographers out there or even just for the photographer that doesn’t want to change lenses and just wants one lens to do it all, this is definitely the lens for you.

Nikon 18-300mm VR Lens

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