Manfrotto 679B Monopod Review

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Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Manfrotto Monopod Review.

Today we’re going to have a quick look at the Manfrotto 679B monopod.

Monopods one of my favorite accessories. I’ve been a sports photographer and a wedding photographer for many years . This is one device that I use quite often. A monopod is nice and compact and easy to take with you, a lot smaller than tripod.

The monopod enables you to support your camera so that it can help reduce camera shake. This is particularly important if you’ve got non image stabilized lens, like I have had for many years.

You can still use a stabilized lens on a monopod and it will benefit. But basically one of the prime uses for this is by Sport Photographers when they’re putting their big super zooms and their super primes, so that they don’t have to stand there holding the lens. So very very beneficial for that sort of photography.

Also good for the “on the move” wildlife photographer and I say I did use it for weddings as well as I had non stabilized lens. It was particularly handy with my 70-200 f2.8 in low light situations.

Typical Manfrotto build quality. Very sturdy and strong. All parts are replaceable if something goes wrong.

That’s its full height there. Obviously you can put a head on this like a ball-head or a pistol grip or indeed just pop your camera straight on the top.

Now it comes with a 3/8th thread and when you push that down that’s a 1/4 inch thread so you can pop camera straight on or on to the lens collar of say a 100 to 400 or a 300mm f2.8.

Easy to use, very solid. Something that you’ll have forever.
Manfrotto 679B Monopod
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