Lowepro Whistler BP 350AW BackPack Review

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Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Lowepro Backpack Camera Bag Review.

Today we’re going to have a look at the Lowepro Whistler BP 350AW Backpack.

The “Whistler” is a brand new line of backpacks from Lowepro and today we’re gonna have  a look at some of the features that this particular 350AW gives you.

As you can see it’s a full-blown backpack with all the harnesses for your waist strap, chest strap which is adjustable of course.

A beautiful padded area here on the back and it’s a raised padding so there’ll be plenty of ventilation through the area that on your back so to keep you nice and cool when you’re walking and not so sweaty.

When you open the bag at the back which opens the area on your back, as you can see here, flips straight open with storage memory cards here in these little elasticized areas. You have a protection cover here which unzips and lets you into the bed where all your gear is. Of course usual fare from Lowepro – great sort of soft material in here so it won’t scratch your gear. All velcro compartments so you can move them around and put your gear how you want to organize it all.

The great thing about this is, this whole insert here can actually be taken completely out. That’s very handy if you want to use the backpack for other things other than say camera gear. Very handy, nice and protected.

The other compartments you have are an area at the front for extra gear. You’ve got a little compartment at the top here as well which also houses the rain jacket which fits in here. That’s a bit unusual from Lowepro, normally they have it under the bag but they’ve now got it in a little pocket here inside.

Little area in here for general stuff as well.

As usual with Lowepro gear you have lots of areas where you can use their sliplock bags, where you can put extra patches and memory card holders and things like that.

The bag will hold a tripod as well.

If you really want a quality backpack, something that’s going to last and something that’s gonna protect your gear when you’re out in the elements then the Whistler BP 350 could be a very very good option for you.

The very last thing that this lowepro has is a built in whistle, believe it or not. I’ll give you a test of its gonna be a bit loud in the microphone.

That’s a whistle obviously to be able to attract people’s attention if you get lost or something like that.

Not a bad idea, got a couple of dogs barking in the background there as well.

That’s what they put the whistle therefore as well. So folks if you want quality, the …
Lowepro Whistler BP 350AW Backpack
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