Lowepro Protactic 350aw 450aw Backpack Review

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Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Lowepro Protactic Review.

Today we’re gonna have a look at the Lowepro Protactic 450AW backpack.
Well we have seen a lot of backpacks in our time at Cameras Direct and we can honestly say this is one of the best designed backpacks we have ever seen.

Brand new range from Lowepro. There is a 450aw which I’m showing you today and there is also a smaller version, the Protactic 350AW by Lowepro both on our web site or in our store.

What makes this Protactic so amazing?

Many many features. For one, the storage available is fantastic.

The 450aw is a very deep bag so you can put a Nikon D4s or a Canon 1dx, will fit in then no dramas including Canon 5d III, Nikon d7200, whatever with battery grips. So that depth is much appreciated.

The whole compartment can be arrange and adjusted. They are all velcro compartment. So 70-200 2.8, you could fit two cameras with lenses, lots of accessories, flashes whatever you want folks. Lots of room nicely organizable by moving these velcro spaces around.

You also get some extra bits and pieces here which is a little pouch which will attach on to one of the many little areas here where you can slip on lens cases, bottle holders, memory card holders, all the street and field accessories from Lowepro will attach onto the outside wherever you like so very handy again. One of the great features of this bag is the way you can access your gear.

You can access it from the back so it is protected from people trying to get in your gear at the back, or if you don’t want to put the bag down to get to it you can access either
from the side, grab your camera gear out – but if you prefer to have it off the other shoulder it also can be accessed from this side as well.

Or, that’s not all, you can access it from the top – big camera straight down with the lens straight out the top. And that top part is also a hard plastic material on the top here to protect the bag against knocks and so on.

So many access points – 1, 2,3,4 ways to get into your bag.

So it depends on you know what’s going to work best for you. Other features of the Protactic include an area where you can put a laptop.

Fantastic idea again, laptop, iPad, whatever in there. You’ve got pockets here is three zip pockets, you’ve also got zips here on the waist belt pockets there, pocket at the front here on the top, pocket up the front up there on the top so many spots to keap all of your camera gear – your remotes your filters, your batteries, whatever it is you wanna carry.

As far as the actual strap system goes you’ve got a waist strap of course which you can adjust up and down. You also have the waist strap here which is adjustable with the two areas there for extra storage.

You have all the padding here drilled out – in the actual arms here as well on the straps and at the back  for ventilation and to try and keep the weight of the bag down as well.

You can also put a tripod attached onto this as well… and there’s a full rain jacket which comes out under here goes over the bag to protect against rain sleight, things like that. So look one of the best bags we have seen from Lowepro.

Its “Mickey Mouse” This is fantastic! If you want a quality bag to protect your expensive camera gear, the Lowepro Protactic Backpacks 450 AW is the one for you. (Or the smaller 350AW)

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