Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 2 Hard Case Review

Ideal hard case for GoPro Hero Cameras and accessories, the Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 2 Hard Case Review reveals its secrets.

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Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Lowepro Review.

Today from the beautiful Broadwater on the Gold Coast we’re going to have a look at Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 2 Hard Case.

GoPro’s are extremely popular these days and with all the accessories and bits and pieces that you can buy for them, you need to have a case that makes it nice and easy to carry all of them together. The Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 2 Hard Case is a case designed for GoPro accessories.

Basically it’s hard, so it’s gonna protective gear against knocks and so on.

There are sectioned off areas in the case, little velcro dividers, that you can place your cameras and accessories and gives you a pouch up the top as well. It all zips up and protects all of your valuable GoPro accessories and cameras from harm or dust or whatever.

So the they are also available in a smaller version (AVC 1) if you didn’t want the bigger one which obviously carries more accessories. What a great idea from Lowepro.

Well priced and as I say give your gear wonderful protection.

Well you don’t have to use GoPro you might want to put a mirrorless camera in there, you might want to put a compact camera in there ,you might have just accessories that you want to keep a nice hard case.

Well the Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 2 Hard Case.

Cameras Direct. The Lowepro Australia authorised reseller. Thanks for watching. Lets chat soon.