Dracones et Equorum “Dragons & Horses” – An exhibition of photographs by Liam Lynch

Runs from Thursday June 4th – July 7th at the Eleven40 Studio 1140 Malvern Road, Malvern, VIC 3144 Australia

Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm
Sat: 11am-4pm
Sun: Closed

Liam’s stunning images from the natural world will leave you questioning our own state of being, intellect and sensory perception.

Each print is a one off hand hand made

An intrepid nature-lover and image-hunter, Australia’s Liam Lynch goes far from the beaten track to create his images. Lynch is also a devotee of the palladiotype photographic process, which requires another excursion far beyond the norm. This painstaking technique shows a dedication to the labour of printing that is rare today.

Read more on his website here