Joby Action Battery Grip Review

Joby Action Battery Grip Review. The video follows and then the transcript of our Joby Action Battery Grip Review.

Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another GoPro Accessory Review.

Today we’re going to have a look at the brand-new Joby Action Battery Grip.

Folks, GoPro’s well I think everybody in Australia would by now own a GoPro.

The accessories you can get them is very exciting you can make these things anywhere.

One of the big problems with GoPro cameras though is that they do tend to use the battery very quickly and that means you’re either swapping a battery in and out all the time and you gotta carry extra batteries.

So Joby have come up with a wonderful solution. They have a beautiful handle which has a GoPro mount on it so you can mount your camera, on there as well and use it as a handle. Or it has a little quarter inch screw thread in the bottom so you can mount the GoPro on a tripod. Very handy as well.

But this battery grip has a battery built into it which is 2600mAh so it’s gonna give you three times the battery life of your normal GoPro battery.

The battery in the camera will work first, when it’s exhausted, once you plug this into the grip like so, it will then use the battery in the grip.

Absolutely fantastic idea and as I say that gives you three times the life. Now if you are a time-lapse photography or videography this is a godsend because it allows you to take a lot lot longer series of images for your time lapse and so on because you can tap into the extra battery in the grip when the battery in the camera is finished.

Wonderful wonderful idea. Look its a rubberized grip as well that gives you a nice sort of a grip to it.

The other advantages it it has USB in as well and you can also charge your iPhone or smartphone from here as well, and it will use the battery in the grip.

Or you can just plug your GoPro in and it will top the battery up in your GoPro if you don’t want to use it concurrently with the batteries in here.

Great idea from Joby, fantastic little device. Great Christmas present for those who own a GoPro.

It’s the Joby Action Battery Grip.

Available online or from our Biggera Waters store.

Cameras Direct. Happily helping you take a better photo. Thanks for watching. Come and chat soon.