Hoya Pro1 Digital UV Filter Review

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Hello Photographer, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Hoya Filter Review.

Today we’re gonna look at the Hoya (Pro1D)Pro1 digital UV filters.

The Pro1 digital (pro1d) range of UV filters from Hoya is designed for the professional lenses from any manufacturer.

The Pro1d’s are a high quality filter with six coatings on either side of the glass to help prevent flare and ghosting. Those extra coatings also make the filter a little easier to clean… … which is a benefit obviously to the photographer. The big pluses with these filters though they black Almite rims
which are basically not going to give you any reflections off the rim of the filter and they use the black rimmed glass as well so that you don’t get reflections of light off the edge of the glass.

This all adds to the quality of the filter quality when you use these filters. The Pro1 Digitals also use a low profile frame so that when you are using ultra wide-angle lenses you’re less likely to get vignetting.

So the UV range of the Hoya Pro1d is fantastic.

They are digital multi-coated filters designed for digital DSLRs. They have a filter size range of 49mm up to 82mm. We tend to stock 52mm all the way to 82mm which covers most camera lenses.

So if you want a high-quality filter that’s not going to affect your image quality…. Hoya Pro1d UV filter is the one for you.

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