Hoya Pro1 Digital Pro1d Circular Polarizer CPL Filter Review

Hoya Pro1 Digital Pro1d Circular Polarizer CPL Filter Review. Lots of words but the thing is that these are a superb range of CPL filters.

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Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Hoya Filter Review.

Today we’re going to have a look at the Hoya Pro 1 digital (Pro1d) Circular Polarizer (CPL) filter.

Hoya Pro1 digital filters are renowned for their quality and pretty good value as well considering what you get. The circular polarizer of course is a filter that allows you to rotate the front end of the filter because it is a two piece filter.

The CPL allows you to remove or reduce reflections, increase color saturation and give you lovely dark blue skies with white fluffy clouds. So ideal for the landscape photographers the street photographers this is a fantastic filter to have.

The Pro1 CPL filters have six coatings on either side of each piece of glass to help reduce flare and ghosting.

The Hoya Pro1d CPL also uses black rimmed glass and a blackout almite frame to actually reduce reflections from the edge of the glass or from the frame itself.

This is of course very important in maintaining image quality when using a circular polarising filter.

So if you have Canon L Series Lens or say a Nikon f2.8 lens or a high quality lens, this is the filter the quality of filter that you want if you are going to use a circular polarizer.

Great for your landscape, travel and street photography.

Hoya Pro1D Circular Polarising Filter

Buy your Hoya Pro1D CPL online or instore from Hoya’s dealer, Cameras Direct.