Hoya HMC UV Filter Review

Why is a Hoya HMC UV filter? How does it differ from the Hoya Pro1 uv and Hoya HD UV filters? Is it worth the money?

Hoya HMC UV Filter Review


Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Hoya Filter Review.
Today we’re going to have a quick look at the HMC UV filter range.

Hoya have been making UV filters for many many years right back to the film days, In fact the UV filter is designed to block Ultraviolet light so it wouldn’t affect the film and it also acted as a protection filter for the lens.

Today with digital sensors which are protected by coatings that stop UV light, the UV aspect of the filter is no longer necessary. Hoya still make UV filters, primarily as a protection filter, to protect your lens against scratches dust moisture and more importantly a filter will  seal the end of your lens.

HMC stands for Hoya Multi Coated.

HMC filters have three layers of coating on either side of the glass to protect it against flare and ghosting. They have a better ninety-seven percent plus light transmission rate which means when you put these filters onto your lenses you’re not going to get any effect in image quality whatsoever.

They are a high quality made filter so they have a high quality screw thread and also enable you to use a lens cap on the filter as well. So they give you a range from around about 37mm up to about 82mm. The range we keep in stock at Cameras Direct though ranges from about 52mm – 82mm and thats encompasses most lenses on the market. Highly recommend using these filters for any lens.

Protecting your investment is the best thing you can do and as I say the HMC being a high-quality multi-coated filter you’re not going to impact on your image quality.

Hoya HMC UV Filters.

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