How to pick the Best Camera Memory Card

Memory Cards ain’t Memory Cards

or was that oil? Anyway the point I wish to make is that there are soooo many choices of memory cards these days that it can be a bit like buying milk. I just want milk! Well that’s not how it is with buying a memory card any┬álonger. In fact it hasn’t been that simple for about a decade.

A few years back I got a couple of the guys to have a chat about how to best pick the best memory card for you. Of course you have to get the right type. The typical types these days are MicroSD, SD aka Secure Digital and compact flash. Have a look at this youtube video and see what you can apply when you next find yourself in the market for a new or spare memory card.

Recorded late 2009 the following YouTube Video covers considerations to make when choosing the best memory card for you. They also cover how best to transfer images to your computer and a touch on how to identify a fraudulent Sandisk memory Card.


Sandisk’s Website

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What is a Card reader? There is also a youtube video on this link to show you how to use and why you should use a Card Reader.