How to Capture a Kodak Moment

Kodak Moment Photos

Sometimes amazing photo opportunities simply happen and sometimes you have got to anticipate these happening. Taking your camera to the pool is usually not on the list of considerations to do, particularly with the attention you end up with nowadays. However, if you are going to a “posh do” or kids sports day you are able to plan ahead of time and feel at ease grabbing your SLR before you head out the door. The temptation for many could well be to take a large zoom, but that’s not always the best option.

How to Capture a Kodak Moment

Here’s how we do it


1 x DSLR Camera (For this shot any DSLR will be great)

1 x Wide to Standard Lens (50mm focal length or below). Important that you have a focal length of less than 50mm available. We want to get close.

1 x Flash (can be an external or built in)

1 x Lens Hood to fit lens (Not that necessary but desirable none the less to reduce flare when shooting outdoors)


1. Combine camera and lens. Attach the lens hood.

2. Attach external flash or pop up the built in flash. Using flash during the day may sound odd however it is used to fill in the shadows which are caused by the harsh daytime sun.

3. Set your camera on shutter priority at 250/second as this is the ideal speed to capture a moving image (for example children and animals).

4. Now take a few test shots to help correct you exposure by balancing the background and foreground of the image. This will help prevent inconsistent results.

5. Now you need to be ready and waiting, this type of photography can be tricky because who would know this shot was coming along, this is shooting form the hip, pay attention to your horizontals and get in as close as you can. When looking through the viewfinder image the shot as a completed photograph.You will not get this shot while sitting in the stands with a zoom lens.

6. The digital age is great, it means we don’t have to worry about wasting film anymore. However don’t just go crazy, pressing the shutter is an art. Try shooting in bursts of 2-3-4 shots, take a breath and go again, take two breaths and go again. Have a look at what you shot, make changes if necessary and then go again. Having a routine like this will help your model relax and get into your rhythm.

6. Shoot like no one is watching™

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