GoPro Side Mount Review

GoPro Side Mount Video Review. Toms family are into motocross. Here are his thoughts on the Side Mount for your GoPro Hero camera.

Next we have a rough transcript of our GoPro Side Mount Review
Hello Photographers, Tom here with another GoPro Accessory Review.

Today, a very quick look at the GoPro Side Mount. Folks if you’re a motorcycle rider, this is one of the best mounts that you can have your motorcycle.

It mounts the GoPro camera off to the side of your helmet instead of the traditional on top of your helmet mount.

And I’ll tell you why it is so good – because my son’s ride motocross. They have had a top-mounted one and there’s been times when they have gone trail riding and a branch has taken their GoPro clean off its mount.

When they’re going through some heavily wooded areas, that’s always a danger.

So having it mounted up so high with the problem, the side mount put it to the side, gives you a lower perspective with the helmet as well and it makes it safer. Because let’s face it you’re not going to get branches sort of coming here as opposed to sort of stuff over the top.

So Side Mount for specifically for sort of motocross riders. You could use it on a push bike helmet as well or skateboarders helmet or whatever. Great idea, mounted to the side out of harms way up top.

GoPro Side Mount.

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