GoPro Hero 7 Rumours & Release Date

GoPro Hero 7 Rumours & Release Date

Will there be a GoPro Hero 7? Well of course there will be. The question is when, what spec’s and what price.

There is one thing that I am sure of and that is that it won’t make you a morning coffee, or afternoon for that matter.

GoPro on their own blog are as expected remaining tight lipped stating that “Thank you for your interest with our GoPro products. We do not have any information on it yet. Our website will definitely be updated when the time comes so please stay posted. “

Reddit posted the following on 13th June 2018 “Some possibly misleading info in the posted article, so I wanted to make a note for anyone who hasn’t been a part of the GoPro leak song & dance of past years.” Also ran on 12th June 2018 a piece on stating that they have proof of a model number etc etc.

As to a release date… this could actually have more to do with the China / USA trade tariff war than anything else but I am going to take a stab in the dark and say that the Hero 7 will definitely be on shop shelves for this Christmas sales.

In the meantime I have to ask the question, what the heck is wrong with the brilliant Hero 5 Black? To my way of thinking the Hero5 is a brilliant unit and frankly you should be buying one quick before they are discontinued and gone for good.  If you like the latest then buy a Hero 6 Black and be happy.

Will there be a GoPro Hero 8 ? Ask me in the future …

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