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Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Gary Fong Review.

Today we’re going to have a look at the amazing Gary Fong LightSphere.

For all you flash photographers who do social events, weddings or just of course using an external flash inside, you’ll notice that even though you have a bigger more powerful flash than your built in flash, that direct flash can be very harsh.

So you have probably then tilted your flash head up and bounced it off the ceiling. The only downfall with that is is now all the light comes down from above and leave you with nasty shadows in the eye sockets under the nose and under the chin.

It also is not particularly flattering for the background as well because the light tends to sort of fall down and it may not illuminate distant dark backgrounds.

Well the Gary Fong LightSphere is the perfect flash diffuser to help you with that.

How does it work?

Well when you unfold it, as it does start off in the folded position like so, you simply unfold it.

It has a speed strap which allows you to put it on a various number of size flashes like your Nikon SB-910 SB-700 Canon 600ex 430ex whatever flash you’ve got, Speedlite for Canon Nikon this will fit on. As well as Pentax and Sony flashes and so on.

So all you do is you then grab your flash, pop it into the bounce position, and then turn it to the side. Now the reason you’re going to do that in fact you go that way, is so that when you actually go vertically you can actually just do that with the LightSphere (refer to video)That is because the Lightsphere simply pops on like so.

That’s the position you use. Now if you go vertically you can then just quickly do that.

Makes it quick and easy to use in the horizontal or vertical position.

So what does it do?

Well when your flash fires it will light up this bowl and that illuminates the room three hundred and sixty degrees. So obviously what’s behind your camera is not so important, that gives you were lovely illumination straight on.

You then have your dome sitting on here on the bowl. Now you can have it up like that or in like that, different applications for different sized ceilings but what this does is then spread the light up, it hits against the ceiling which gives you that lovely soft light of bouncing but also gives you the shadows fill in light from the Lightsphere itself.

And that combination gives you a much more natural flashlight when you’re photographing people indoors.

So a very very smart device. You can also use this straight on outdoors as well. In fact you can even use it with the dome or straight on.

In fact if you have very high ceilings where your flash may not reach if you’ve got the dome on, take the dome off and that will allow more light to go up and bounce down while still illuminating the bowl and filling in those eyes and giving a nice brightest to the eyes and filling in the shadows under the chin and under the nose.

A great product from Gary Fong in fact he has a full range of accessories and different kits like the wedding kit, the special events kits and all sorts of little accessory like particular colored filters that you can use to sort of light up backgrounds differently.

Lots of things in fact if you go into a website and type in Gary Fong you will see all the accessories he has.

So folks if you are an event, wedding or people photographer who do a lot of flash photography inside, the Gary Fong Lightsphere is an absolute ripper.

So check us out online or come in to our shop at Biggera Waters to see the Gary Fong range of flash diffusers.

Gary Fong Lightsphere.

Cameras Direct. Happily helping you take a better photo. Thanks for watching. Lets have a chat soon.