Emotion Captured the Photo

Emotion in your photo, or emotional to “see” the photo. Which one came first?

There is a lot of talk about capturing emotion in your photo’s. Some examples would be a new born baby smiling, the joy on the face of a child finishing a race, Grandma in tears as everyone sings happy birthday to her.

Do get me wrong. This is a very important facet of photography and something you should always try to capture.

What I’m talking about is … well, I was in Paris late last year. Had been travelling for a while and was missing home. I found myself wandering through a park that is in the middle of the Seine. Frankly I have no idea how I got there or why I was there. I just happened to in the middle of the River. 

Something struck a cord and at that moment I happened to turn back and saw the Eiffel Tower in the distance. There was my photo that I had been looking for all day.




Do you have any similar experiences? Maybe it’s writing music when you are sad. After all it works for song writers all the time. Does emotion play a part in your photography?


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