Digital Cameras vs Smart Phone Cameras

Will the Smart Phone Camera ever surpass the image quality of a Digital Camera ?
The cameras in Smart Phones are clearly responsible for the collapse of sales of digital compact cameras. It is arguable that the smart phone has caused a slowing in sales of DSLR cameras, however retail sales of compact cameras has dwindled over the years.
From our regard we aren’t that upset about it. The amount of work involved in selling a camera that might make you $20 is considerable. Manufacturers of compacts however aren’t standing around waiting for a funeral, they have been hard at work assembling compacts that are now extremely good.


What about the SLR?
There is little doubt that Digital SLR’s are vastly better than when originally introduced more than a decade ago. Now that I have that out of the way, I am going to suggest that manufacturers didn’t have to improve much to out perform the Smart Phone.
There are some factors that simply can’t be overlooked as follows.
1. Sensor Size
2. Size does matter. The bigger the pixel the better.

 This can get quick techie so, we made a You Tube vid, called “The Mega Pixel Myth” to help you understand the importance of these two factors.

Is there a such a thing as the Mega Pixel Myth ?


3. Image Size Saved on a recent holiday, when i only had my phone in my pocket – the saved image is far too tiny for anything else other than facebook.  
This is the image as shot and as affected. I think it would have made an awesome Jigsaw puzzle, alas it’s not to be. 




4. The ability of say Canon or Nikon to produce a far better lens.
I don’t think this needs explanation.
In summary, I am really annoyed with myself for not taking my Canon 5d III with me.
There are plenty more good reasons but surely this is enough.