Datacolour Spyder 5 Pro Review

Datacolour Spyder 5 Pro Review is yours for the watching here. The text of the Spyder Pro is under the video.

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Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Datacolour Calibration Tool Review.

Today again here we are on the Gold Coast with the the beautiful Broadwater behind us on an amazing morning.

All the photographers are out taking their photos of course and what do they do when I get home and want to print their own photos? Well they have to use their color monitors to then adjust their colours and then print.

To do that accurately, so what you see on your colour screen is what comes out of your printer….you’ll need one of these. The Datacolour Spyder 5 Pro.

Now this is one of a series of three they have. They Express which is a cheaper version and they also have an elite which is their top of the range. The Pro although is our biggest seller.

It gives you most of the features of the Elite for not too much more than the Express price.

So how does it work?
Very simply. Comes with all the instructions of course,  but all you do is you put this little Spyder on your monitor, it then calibrates your monitor to give true colors so that when you print it on your printer, the colors you see on your print will basically match the monitor colors.

So that’s very important particularly for the professional photographer who is selling their prints.

So the good thing about the Pro though or one of the handiest features over the
Express (which is the cheapest) is it also has ambient temperature metering. So basically if you’re working in the morning and you’ve got a different type of light to that you work in at night under say a tungsten household light bulb, you can take different meter readings of the ambient light as well. Which of course affects how you see the monitor.

So very handy for that with the Pro and it also comes with the Elite as well.

So folks if you’re serious about getting true colors with your prints from your printer then you need a monitor calibrator and the Datacolour Spyder 5 Pro is one of the best.

Cameras Direct. Happily helping you take a better photo. Thanks for watching. Lets have a chat soon.