Cokin Pure Harmonie UV Review

Cokin Pure Harmonie UV Review in Video form is below and following that we have made a transcript of the Cokin Pure Harmonie UV Review that you can read.

Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Cokin Filter Review.

Today we will have a look at the “Pure Harmonie” Cokin range of UV filters.

Cokin make a large range of filters which are usually associated with the slip in filters but they also make screw in filters. The thinnest filter in the world is the Cokin Pure Harmony UV filter.

These filters are full multi-coated filters. They also have coatings which make them very easy to clean. They will not affect the image quality of your picture they will just protect the end element of your lens and they are super thin.

So as you can see here with our test unit here, our demo Cokin filter, they are all but invisible, they are that thin.

So why do you want such a thin filter?
If you have a super ultra wide-angle lens or an ultra wide-angle lens, having these on your lens because they are so thin you will not get any vignetting from these filters. Unlike thicker filters which do tend to come out a lot further. So that’s the biggest advantage.

Another advantage, because they’re so thin they’re also very popular up protecting the lens in water housings. Thin meaning it’s not going to mean you have to get a bigger port.

One thing to remember though folks – if you buy these filters they do not accept clip-on lens caps. The solution to that is you buy a lens cap that is a slip on lens cap and you can do that for various sizes.

So folks if you want a high quality filter that is super thin and will not create vignetting, or a UV filter for your water housing- the Cokin Pure Harmonie UV Range is probably the right choice for you.
Cameras Direct. Happily helping you take a better photo. Thanks so much for watching.