Cokin Landscape Filter Kit H210 Review

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Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Cokin Filter Review.

Today, a quick look at the Cokin Landscape Filter Kit (H210).

The Landscape Kit comprises a P Series filter holder, which can hold up to three filters. It gives you also three filters.

The first filter is a straight orange filter which is like a warming filter and gives a lovely warmth to any sort of landscape photos or sunrise or sunset. It accentuates the warmth of those.

The second filter is a graduated Orange filter which starts off quite strong at the top and then graduates into a more subtle orange at the bottom. Use this one for more depth in the skies and not so much warmth in the ground.

Thirdly then also have a blue graduated filter which starts very blue and graduates to clear at the bottom. This filter is for your landscapes where you’ve got nice clear blue skies. You then get a lovely depth of blue to the sky only and not the ground.

So look fantastic kit for the landscape photographer.

This is a P-Series kit so you can use it with any sort of filter sizes ranging up to 82mm as long as you have the appropriate filter adapter ring.

For the landscape photographer it is a wonderful kit, not very expensive and will give you some wonderful results.

Cokin Landscape Filter Kit H210.

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