Cokin H270 Full ND Filter Kit

Tom discusses the Cokin H270 Full ND Filter Kit in the following Video Review. After that you will find a rough transcript that you can read rather than watch if that is your desire. Thanks for considering Cameras Direct for your photography needs. Lets chat soon.

Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Cokin Filter Review.
Today we are looking at the Cokin H270 filter system – The full neutral density kit.

This kit comprises a P-Series filter holder and three neutral density filters. These filters are full neutral density filters not graduated, and they give you a ND2 which is one stop, a ND4 which is a two stops and a ND8 which is a three stops of light.

These filters basically block light and are used to reduce the shutter speed so that you can get slower shutter speeds to give you a blurred water effect with say waterfalls or oceans.

Can also be used to block light if you want to open up your appetite for a bit more in bright sunny conditions particular with fill flash photography.

They are also used by videographers needing to drop their shutter speed down so that they can try and get the shutter speed too be twice as fast as you frame rate, to give them a nice smooth video. So these are a few users.

You can stack those filters and make it into a six stop filter if you so want to, but I would recommend probably keeping it to one filter to time. So the Cokin creative system, the full ND filter kit.

All you need extra is a filter adapter ring (for the filter thread size of your lens) which go up to 82mm in thread size with the P-Series System.

Cokin H270 Full ND Filter Kit.

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