Canon’s 7d mark ii vs 70d. Too many choices?

Canon’s 7D mark 2 vs the canon eos 70D. So the long awaited Canon 7D mark II has finally been released after 5 long years. Has it been worth the wait? One simple answer….YES. We all knew it was going to be something special and the rumours over the years as to what features it would have were numerous. Well, lets look at its new main features.

Firstly its headline act 65 point AF system. UNBELIEVABLE! 

This is so good it has equaled and in parts surpassed Canons flagship pro DSLR the 1DX. Couple this with a 10 FPS gatling gun motordrive and you have the ultimate sport and widlife DSLR. If you cannot get wonderful action shots with this camera then sport or wildlife photography is not for you. With this camera it does not get any easier. The build quality of the new 7D mark II is on par with the legendary original 7D with a full metal chassis and body, and is one of the reasons why their is no WiFi in this camera.
The dual digic processor has also allowed for better high ISO performance and a great buffer memory. One very exciting feature is the anti flicker mode which will help indoor photographers who work under fluorescent lighting and works by slowing down the motordrive to match the cycles of the fluorescent lighting to try and keep the colour balance of each shot consistent. Add to this a dual card slot, interval timer and the same dual pixel technology from the 70D and you have an instant winner.

The 70D is also amazing and has inherited the AF system from the original 7D as well as a very fast 7 FPS motordrive.

It does however have more consumer friendly features including the articulated touch screen, scene modes and WiFi. So which one should you buy? Well if you are a semi professional or serious amateur sports photographer who cannot afford a Canon 1Dx and a 600mm F4 to photograph sport (surfing, footy motorsport etc) or wildlife (birds, safaris etc) then the Canon 7D mark II is the camera for you. Its 1.6 x APS C crop sensor means you can purchase a cheaper 100-400mm lens which gives a 35mm equivalent focal length of 160 – 640mm, and still have the rugged build quality and amazing 10 FPS motordrive and AF speed to handle any action photography.The 7D would also be the choice for any photographer who simply wants the best build quality because they will be using the camera in hostile environments or they will be taking thousands of photos.

(70D shutter durability = 100.000 shots versus the 7D shutter durability = 200,000 shots) 

The 70D would be the obvious choice for the serious amateur sports or wild life photographer who does not have the budget for the dearer 7D. The 70D also lends itself to the macro and landscape photographers where the articulated touch screen makes life so much easier especially when focusing using the touch and shoot feature where you simply touch the area of the scene where you want to focus and the camera focuses and shoots automatically.

The 70D is also the best choice for the budding videographer where once again the articulated touch screen makes life a whole lot easier than the fixed non touch screen of the 7D. Which ever way you go you will assured of Canons incredible reliability, quality and massive range of lenses and accessories.

The choice is yours.