Canon Powershot G3 X Digital Camera Review

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Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Canon Powershot Camera Review.
Today we’re very excited actually, we have a new Canon Powershot G3 X in our hot little hands. We have already sold a couple of these and it only just been released.

Why is this camera so exciting?
Well, many reasons. The G3 X it is a 20 megapixel one inch sensor. A one inch sensor is about twice the size of your normal compact cameras, so that means bigger quality, (due to larger pixels) better low-light performance, particularly better at high ISO as well, than your smaller sensors. You’d be comfortable using this camera at 1600 even 3200 ISO.

The Canon G3 X also shoots in RAW as well as JPEG so you can certainly use noise reduction in post-production afterwards. The big headline of this particular unit is its lens. The lens offers 25 times optical zoom with a one-inch sensor. That gives you a 35mm (full frame) equivalent focal length of a roundabout 24 to 600mm.

What a wonderful range for general photography from your landscapes, your architecture, your social photography, wide angle for large groups of people, indoor shots, right up to sport wildlife that 600mm is fantastic.

The maximum aperture of this is quite impressive as well. Its an f2.8-5.6 so very fast lens especially at the wide angle (24mm) and you don’t lose too much light at the long end. A 600mm f/5.6 is still very respectable.

The camera itself is beautifully made, very solid construction. It’s not what you call a compact pocket-able camera and it’s not though as big as a digital SLR. Certainly having a lens range with something this size is great particularly on that larger sensor.

So the camera comes with a little built-in flash but you can use any of Canon’s speedlights on top  as well if you want some more flash power. So if you already own a speedlight, fantastic pop it straight on. The G3X has a beautiful tilting 3.2 inch touchscreen.

Now you can also buy the electronic viewfinder which will clip onto that and give you about a two and a half million dot viewfinder. The electronic viewfinder also tilts up. So that’s an option you’ve got as well.

The G3 X itself in terms of functionality give you all the auto modes and scene mode you have come to expect from a point and shoot camera but the camera also gives you full manual control, appetite priority, shutter priority and program.

A couple of my  favorite features are the exposure compensation dial which is on the top of the camera here that makes it quick and easy to change exposure and I really do love this C1 and C2 modes. The are custom modes that you can set the camera up specifically for certain types of photography and save them into the custom one and custom two modes. This means you just pop it onto one of those and straight away your set.

Fantastic camera, wifi, Full HD video the list goes on.

If you don’t want the bulk and the sort of the inconvenience of having to change lenses with a digital SLR but you don’t
want the cheap sort of compact cameras with the small sensors that don’t give you image quality that you like or poor low light capability, the G3 X then is the camera for you.

Have a look online at the Powershot G3 X or of course come and visit us at Biggera Waters Qld.
Canon Powershot G3 X Digital Camera
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