Canon Image Stabiliser Binoculars Review

Canon Image Stabiliser Binoculars Review. The Video Review is the first on this page but you can read the transcript below that if you prefer to read reviews.

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Hello Photographers, Tom from Cameras Direct with a Canon Binocular Review.

Today we’re going to have a look at the Canon range of Image Stabilized binoculars.

Folks, binoculars are very popular for bird watchers, sports lovers, people who like to view out on the ocean to spot whales or even just from a high-rise apartment viewing the beach and so on. Many many different things that you can use binoculars for.

A lot of the times when you are using binoculars, especially if you need a high-power pair of binoculars you will find that when you’re viewing them it’s very hard to hold them steady.

Now a lot of the times you can add a sort of tripod mount to this which you can then mounted on a tripod to steady them but that’s not very convenient.

Canon have a wonderful range of image stabilized binoculars. It’s called “IS” and its the same technology they use in their image stabilized lenses. So it’s been carried onto the binoculars.

Now they have a great range of binoculars ranging from eight times magnification all the way through to 12 15 and even 18 times binoculars. This particular pair here is the 15×50 from Canon and this is one of their deluxe pairs.

So what does the stabilizer do?

Well when you press the little button here that actually activates a gyroscope inside the binoculars that moves with you and compensates for your shake. Now that means you can view without them bobbing up and down.

It is particularly handy for the high-powered binoculars like the 12, 15 and 18 times power. It really does improve the view. If you have ever used an image stabilized lens and turned to stabilizer on and off, you’ll get to see what I mean with un-stabilized and stabilized.

But remember these are high-powered binoculars so they usually have a higher magnification than a lens and they are very very effective at stabilizing that hand movement that you get.

Canon binoculars use lead-free glass so very good environmentally.

The all use a very different system, as opposed to binoculars you move in and out.

The allow the actual eyepieces to move in and out to adjust the eye spaces to your eyes.

They have the center focus ring here for focusing.

They also have a diopter which you use on the side here, of one optic, using on the right hand side, to adjust it to your eyes if you one eye that eye that is stronger or weaker than the other.

They come with an area for a strap and they come with a case.

They do use batteries obviously to activate that image stabilizer does require batteries and they usually fit in the bottom here or on the top depending on the model of image stabilized binoculars you get. So folks an amazing range of binoculars.

If you’re sick and tired of your binoculars wobbling and carrying on because you can’t hold them steady.

Or if you want super high powered binoculars like the 15 and 18 times but you don’t want to have to attach them to a tripod then the image stabilizer range of Canon binoculars are definitely the binocular for you.

Canon Image Stabiliser Binoculars.
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