Canon EOS 750d versus Canon EOS 760d

The following is a rough transcript of our Canon 750d versus Canon 760d Comparison. What is different?

Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Canon DSLR Camera Review.

Today we’re going to have a look at the brand new addition to Canon’s APS crop sensor digital SLR range. The 750d and the EOS 760d.

Basically these two cameras are very similar with a few minor changes between both of them. First of all though brand new 24 megapixel sensors from Canon. This is the first time that Canon have used a 24 megapixel sensor in their crop sensor cameras. .. and yes it is a Canon sensor.

Resolution is up from their old 18 megapixel sensors.

Obviously this is a replacement eventually for the 700d, so they have kept the wonderful fully articulated screen which is also touch control with the ability to touch where you want the camera to focus, the ability to pinch and zoom to look through your photos.

They are a fantastic touchscreen. Canon has had touch screens for a few years now.

The auto-focus system has been upgraded to the nineteen-point auto- focus system that was first seen in the Canon 7d and currently in the 70 day as well.

The 750d &760d now have that same auto-focus system as well. Both cameras pump out five frames per second motor drive with that same nineteen-point autofocus system and both cameras now have built in wi-fi – which is a fantastic feature as well for connecting to a phone or an iPad or indeed downloading your images straight a computer without any cords.

Now the real difference between the 750d & 760d, and the main difference is basically the size of the camera. The 760d is a bit bigger because it does have, as you can see here, the top LCD panel.

The top panel is not as big as the 70d or the 7d II but it does give you an extra panel on the top for
looking at information or changing functions. The 750d does not have that top panel hence it is a little smaller.

You can say that the mode dials are at different positions on the cameras and they have even changed the on/off switch for the 760d over to the side underneath the mode.

Look that’s the rule main difference, there is a little bit of a difference too with some live view auto-focus functions and features which you get the 760d but not in the 750d … but really that’s the main difference.

Both are fantastic additions to Canon’s range for the beginner. For the videographer as well as a
photographer these will be a fantastic camera. So come in and have a look at them or go online and see them online.

Canon EOS 750d versus Canon EOS 760d

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