Canon EOS 70d DSLR Camera Body Review

The following is the transcript from the above Video Review of the Canon EOS 70d Camera.

Hello Photographers, Tom here from cameras direct with a Canon EOS 70d Camera Review Today we’re going to talk about the irrepressible Canon 70d. This camera is probably at the moment along with the Nikon D7100 or D7200, one of our biggest-selling APS crop sensor cameras.

The 70d has many many features and one of the biggest reason this is such a big seller is because have been new dual-pixel technology that has been introduced with this Canon camera. For the first time Canon have a auto-focus system that when in live view is capable of tracking and focusing while you are videoing.

This feature alone has made the 70d absolutely huge with the videographers. All you have to do pop it into video mode, touch the screen, the camera will lock onto whatever subject is behind where you’ve touched and then tracks the focus while you video. This is a massive gain for videographers because before that the live view auto-focus system was very slow and cumbersome, in fact, basically unusable when shooting video. So the 70d has changed the game for videographers. But not only has a change videographers, the photographer benefits from this as well.

The upgrade from the Canon 60d is quite significant.
The touch screen and dual pixel technology being one difference. The cameras frame rate has been increased from 5.3 frames a second (in the 60d) up to 7 frames per second. The auto-focus system has been upgraded from the old nine points system, seen in a lot of Canon cameras, up to the nineteen point system out of the Canon 7d.

It also gives you some wi-fi functionality which means you can connect your camera to a phone or an iPad or indeed the computer. You’ve got some improvements to the interfacing. A few different dials and buttons but basically 7 frames per second, 19 point auto-focus system, 20 megapixel sensor, the Dual-pixel technology with that touchscreen have made this camera an absolute Ripper.

Its one of the best APS crops sensor DSLR’s I’ve seen and again is one of the reasons why it is such a massive seller.

If you want to upgrade from something like a 50d or a 60d or indeed make the step up from a 700d 650d or 600d, this camera is the one for you.
Canon EOS 70d DSLR Camera Body.

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